Oct. 20th, 2014

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Hello, Yuletide author! <3 Let's get right to it!

- I'm a huge fan of slash, romance and/or porn, but I certainly don't require it, and I'm a multishipper. :3
- I love love love love LOVE tropes and AUs, especially shippy tropes like fuckbuddies, fake-married, etc.
- I like characters being sarcastic little shits
- I like characters being BAMFs
- I like well-executed crack!fics.
- If you're a kink writer, I'm good with almost anything except scat, necrophilia and bestiality.

- I do not like unhappy endings.
- I do not like (permanent) character deaths.

I don't have any triggers, but I really like warnings for child endangerment. Child endangerment tends to get my parental feels going, and I'd like to be emotionally prepared.

Aaaand the fandoms:

1) The Losers (2010)
I'm a big fan of Jensen/Cougar slash, but this is a fandom I will literally read anything in. Either dude with OFC or OMC, Gen, Team!fic, casefic, AU fic, I just want to read more about my favorite Losers.

2) Mission: Impossible (Movies)
I love team!fic centered on William Brandt. Either fitting in with the new team, or (if you're shipping inclined) paired with Ethan (or anyone else). William Brandt trying to readjust to being an active agent again. William Brandt learning how to trust his team. Or, alternately, William Brandt being a gigantic, awkward dork. Of course, there's always the humorous spin on the "next time I get to seduce the rich guy" line.

3) The Heat (2013)
Femslash or sibling vibe, I don't care, I just want Ashburn and Mullins to get into awkward shenanigans together. Crazy cases they stumble across together? Trying to survive a family picnic together. Trying to navigate a first date together. Mullins being Ashburn's wingman. Oh god, Ashburn trying to be Mullins' wingman! Undercover at a gay bar??????????? Ashburn dating Special Agent Levy and asking Mullins for relationship advice? (I meant it when I said I'm a multishipper further up.)

4) 21 Jump Street (Movies)
...I mostly just want to read about Schmidt and Jenko touching dicks. /o\ Free reins as to setting/plot/lack thereof, but slash strongly preferred. If slash isn't your thing, that's fine, too, but that's... pretty much as specific as my desires for this fandom goes. @.@

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