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This year I've posted over 180,000 words, and written over 245,000 words.

Overall Thoughts:
I'm disappointed. I shouldn't be, but I am. I shattered my GYWO pledge target (200k). I completed NaNo, while working ~40 hours a week and maintaining a real life. I completed TWO Marvel Bang fics. But the only goal I didn't meet, was the goal I set for myself last New Year's: Post more words to ao3 than in 2013. :( I missed that goal by less than 10k. That's incredibly bitter. Petty, I know, but still. Bitter. Especially since I have those words lying around in WIPs and incomplete pieces. :/

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This year I've posted over 190,000 words, and written at least 30k more, that I've got lying around in drabbles, drafts and WIPs.

Overall Thoughts:
194,000 words! I wonder if people understand how massive this is for me. Previously, my most active writing year was 2005. I wrote 64,000 words in that whole year (largely in the due South fandom). My Marvel Bang alone was 60,000 words! I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, and ended up a Winner?! And the best part of it? I'm actually and legitimately, seriously HAPPY with most of what I've posted. And I've never felt like I've churned out shit just for the word count. :)

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