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BINGOS masterpost

I got tired of having to go through for reference, so I'm just going to keep all my bingos and stuff in this post.

My [community profile] trope_bingo card.

locked in au: apocalypse celebratory kiss rites of passage / coming of age holidayfic
road trip wingfic au: historical fork in the road secret twin / doppelganger
character in distress trapped in a dream FREE

handcuffed / bound together twenty-four hours to live
unexpected friendship sex pollen au: romance novel power dynamics au: fantasy
sharing a bed fuck or die fake relationship amnesia genderswap

My [community profile] kink_bingo 2013 card.

ageplay tentacles exposure / exhibitionism sensation play torture / interrogation
bondage crossdressing pervertibles fisting / stretching spanking / paddling
gags / silence sex toys wildcard tattoos / tattooing vanilla kink
sensory deprivation silk velvet feathers furs class fantasies historical roleplay bodily fluids
medical kink temperature play emotion play negotiation altered states

My [community profile] hc_bingo 2013 card.

amnesia fire drugged death experiments by evil scientists
interrogation exhaustion apocalypse atonement dystopia
accidents tyranny / rebellion WILD CARD cuddling for warmth poltergeist
deadline / time bomb undeserved reputation cages mistaken identity minor illness
abuse hypothermia grief post-traumatic stress disorder coma

My [ profile] longfic_bingo card.

Trapped Crossover / Fusion – Movie Band!fic Crossdressing Secret past
Spanking Fuck or die Canon event changed Pretend relationship Crossover - Any
Puppy play / other animal play Infidelity WILD CARD Historical event changed Crossover / Fusion – RPF fandom
Exposure All human / superpowers Serious illness Vampires Accidental marriage
Blindfold Accident Police / Detective / Private investigators Hallucinations Pegging